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I have seen thousands going through herpes-propelled misery, the pain of social seclusion and the stigma. I witnessed doctors imposing lifetime antiviral medications. Drug related years-long cost has lead families to bankruptcy. People don’t have any real option to manage outbreaks, but to pin their hopes on expensive and toxic antivirals. Management of herpes outbreak doesn’t has to be a struggle. This simple idea was the seed for what would become Herpes Cure Care.

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Who We Are

Herpes Cure Care is an entity founded in 2014 with its Head Office in Texas, USA. We are the team of 25+ passionate researchers, herbalist and doctors bridging the rift between you, me and mother nature. Our team has over 15 years of experience in their expertise. Since our inception, we have managed to earn trust of over 7000+ heads from more than 97+ countries. Our Customer Satisfaction Index (CSAT) is 87%.

Our Aim

You are the reason why we are here with our goal to assist you in your bid to get over herpes outbreaks forever. We are not claiming to cure your herpes, rather, our objective is to facilitate your own innate disease fighting ability. We will help you harness your body’s natural resources in consonance with our clinically approved natural healers. Our holistic treatment approach is backed by hundreds of studies and clinical trials. We will help you prevent all the next outbreaks like you never had Herpes.

Our goal is to give you accurate, authentic, credible & science backed information about herpes infection. You can go through such information using this link.


How Safe Is Our Product

Our team of professionals devoted to procure the industry-leading and scientifically approved medicinal herbs. We collect herbs from India’s Himalaya and Nilgiri’s mountain ranges. The herbs that we obtain have no additives, no preservatives, no use of Chemicals and are free from all toxicity. We ensures the highest potency of our product with 100% safety. You will get 100% original herbs.

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329 Swick Hill Street, Dime Box, TX 77853

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2421 Westfall Avenue, Albuquerque, NM 87123

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