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The journey of life does not always go according to what you have planned. It sometimes prompts situations that are beyond expectations and capable of changing your entire perspective about life. When this uncertainty occurs, life forcibly turns to a new direction where the circumstance isn’t always in favor. 

A Female in Pain

The worst uncertainty occurs in life when someone is diagnosed with an incurable ailment and tends to go into a depressive state.

It’s not so far when we met an individual who was recently diagnosed with Herpes and trying to reshape his identity. He was trying to deal with the situation, but the mental trauma and social solitude were not allowing him to purge from negativity. It was a very different experience for him to live with the sadness, anxiety, and the pain he was sustaining. 

As an organization, we can’t let that individual leave in the lurch with such misery. We helped him with our years of empirical experience. From then on, we have witnessed significant reversal from psychological to physical incorrects.

People suffering from herpes have to undergo extreme physical and psychological shifts.

Incessant flare-ups are enough of its problem, especially if you are immunocompromised or a person with suppressed immunity. At first, herpes manifests with small blisters at the affected site often accompanied by itching, skin rashes, small sores, which are more likely to transform into ulcers and scabs.

The later stage of herpes is more like hell with excruciating pain, unbearable burning sensation during urination, and highly contagious oozing sores. You must be the beauty queen, but what herpes can give you is a nightmare, a hideous look, wounds on your lips with a possible implication of it being surrounding your lips.

To better understand the psychological shifts, our Cognitive Psychology Team met hundreds of herpes diseased and garnered informed consent from the patients.

What we found is disheartening.

The concept of personal identity dies when you get affected by chronic conditions like herpes. Your identity of a fun-loving, funny, enthusiastic, and social butterfly somewhere gets lost behind the shades of anxiety. You start spending a week alone somewhere in the dark, contain yourself into an isolated room for days and even weeks.

Sleepless nights turn into horrific thinking. You cry, feel the pain alone, feel fear of social seclusion, incessantly think of losing your loved ones, take the assistance of sleeping pills, and many more strikes your mind with negativity.

Herpes on Various Parts of the Body
Herpes on Various Parts of the Body

Accept it or not, Herpes is assessed as a social stigma in society. When people know you as a patient of herpes, people start making a safe distance from you; they start making violations of the very essence of your personality. You lose respect, self-confidence, which in turn gives you hopelessness, anxiety, inferiority complex, and life sentences.

Herpes is one such agony to which people often feel paralyzed. It is, to a vast extent, the responsible cause of hopelessness in the majority of people as there is no vaccine, no cure, nothing at all to assist the diseased.

People have long been waiting for an effective herpes cure so as to attain their healthy life back on track — hundreds of years of wait (well that’s quite a big count) and nothing lucrative. People are disappointed and hopeless.

The hopelessness gives rise to clouds of negativity, and the basic theme of life gets lost deep into the shades of those clouds. Many have lost their faith in an effective herpes cure, but the majority still have their faith intact.

For those with their faith intact are going to be rewarded with a newly discovered Herpes Cure Program.

Our team of empirical researchers followed a Dedicated Controlled Experiment for more than Nine years. Our goal was to do something for a living that has an impact on other people’s lives.

Initial years were not that easy win for us as we had to spend all our time, squeezing every single neuron in trying to figure out the possible solution to the global health crisis.

In the pursuit of a novel herpes cure, we had to wander regions to countries to continents trying to identify the elements helpful in improving the health of those who need it desperately.

We even managed to develop a herpes treatment program after a year of devotion. The program was working, but not as expected. Something was missing, which we had to bridge through out of the box thinking. Our first project was a failure.

We knew that we have to think differently and see the aspects which others and even we missed in our first project.

We went to real herpes sufferers of Africa and South-East Asia where most numbers of herpes heads live. We assessed the physical as well as the psychological state of every patient we met.

Herpes Cure Care Researchers and Doctos
Herpes Cure Care Researchers and Doctos

We garnered information about their daily routine, what they eat, about physical activity, treatment history, existing health ailments, the status of the immune response, psychological condition, and other relevant data.

Our team of experts then carefully assessed those data, examined the possible implications of lab scrutiny, and came up with a scientific approach to eradicate Herpes Infection Forever. The data we collected gave us strong enthusiasm to carry our goals towards the betterment of global health.

After the start of the development of a curing plan based on the data we gathered, the productive outcome was something that enthralled us with joy. After years of research, we tested it on mice infected with the virus. The test yielded a satisfactory result.

We noticed a significant 40% reduction in herpes strain in just about a week. When we continued with the test, a hope to cure herpes shivered into our nerves as there was almost a double reduction in Herpes strain in a month.

Still, we had to work rigorously for the next many years before testing it out in humans.

Eventually, we tested it on Herpes Sufferer, And Bingo!!!!! IT WORKED MUCH BETTER THAN WE EVER WOULD HAVE BEEN EXPECTED.

Now we are here with a bright smile hoping to carry the weight of your expectations. For all those sadness and sleepless nights, we are here announcing an Effective Herpes Treatment Program.

Hold on, Folks! We Have Good News for You!

Finally, a Novel Herpes Cure Just Under Your Hood!!!

“Aim Herp”

Aim Herp is a 100% Organic Treatment Program with a basic theme to eradicate herpes out of your life Forever. Aim Herp has been formulated with an intense focus on each detail of a particular herb. The treatment program is a perfect blend of scientifically approved herbs. These herbs have shown encouraging results in herpes research.

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Not only have we focused on the treatment elements itself, but the Psychological importance of disease is also a crucial aspect that can’t be overseen. Therefore, we take the privilege to introduce an EBook to assist you with your psychological incorrectness. Diet Management is also under the hood, which can’t be overseen, and so is Requisite lifestyle modification.

Aim Herp is an advanced, authentic, effective, natural, and scientifically verified treatment program that aims to correct physical illness and varied aspects of psychological negatives. The formulation of this treatment program successfully answers the most relevant questions that the scientists think would be essential for herpes eradication. 

Is “Aim Herp” Formulated to Kill Herpes Virus?

Is “Aim Herp” Formulated to Boost Immunity?

Is “Aim Herp” Formulated to Detoxify the Body?

Is “Aim Herp” Anti-Side-Effects Formulation?

Is “Aim Herp” the Part of Stress Management?

Will “Aim Herp” Guide You to Diet Management?

Will “Aim Herp” Guide You to Important Lifestyle Changes?

The list of apprehensions is a never-ending loop when it comes to “Herpes Cure.” Our years of research have managed to answer the questions mentioned earlier with a “BIG YES.” 

“Aim Herp” is made, keeping in mind all the aspects that might be the reason for herpes flare-ups.

Different herbs used for our treatment program

Aim Herp consists of excellent herbs that have shown potent anti-herpetic elements beyond researchers’ expectations. Take the example of Hypericum Mysorense; scientists wouldn’t think that this Niligiri’s herb possesses features that kill herpes strain in abundance.

Not only that, it prohibits replication tendency and restrains the HSV’s ability to hide in nerves. Like Hypericum mysorense, many herbs have been identified for their strong anti-herpetic actions.

With “Aim Herp”, what you will be getting is the combination of most potent anti-herpetic scientifically scrutinized herbs.

Several have benefited from the healthiest herbs, and so has it the potential to clear the agonies of your life as well. An effective treatment program that will help you restore normalcy in your life has its soul your way.

Nature is a great healer, so we decided to give a try on herpes cure through natural means. People across the globe are reported to opt for natural and organic ways of living. Scientists and scholars of the medical realm are recommending people to be herbal and holistic ways to treat.

People’s readiness to opt for nature has encouraged us to develop 100% natural cures.

When we talk about nature, Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical sciences that existed 5000 years ago with its roots in India. Ayurveda is reported to have successfully used natural medicinal plants in many chronic conditions such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Arthritis, and Heart Diseases.

Thanks to the ever-growing importance of Nature, which helped us find the roots of Herpes Cure. People are shifting to a much-needed healthcare model that has existed since eternity.

There is more in the natural world. There is a whole bunch of medicinal plants, fruits, foods, herbs, all are ready to assist you. There is Ayurveda, the mother of all medical wisdom in the world wholly based on nature. Ayurveda, a compelling ancient technology, is coming your way.

Why Do You Need a Natural Treatment Program “Aim Herp”?

Aim Herp Approach to Herpes Cure
Aim Herp Approach to Herpes Cure

Because our Treatment program is 100% based on natural values, herbs, plant-based diet, vegan diet, and the diet of the future. Aim Herp will guide you through a more beneficial way to view your health. “Aim Herp” is not the medicine itself; it is a perfect blend of comprehensive instructions on how to cure your herpes just by tapping nature for all your suffering.

Bear in mind that our program not only propels you to herpes cure, but it also turns off the progression of other chronic illnesses by a fair margin. It is about the multiple health advantages of shifting to plant-based food. “Aim Herp” is the way to connect nature to let you see the health perspectives that the so-called pharmaceutical industry wants to hide from you.

What do you think? Why is there no cure for herpes? When will there be a cure for herpes? Will there ever be any cure for herpes in western medical science? For those who are waiting for a herpes cure pill, they will get nothing but disappointment. According to NCBI, Herpes related medical costs are nearly a trillion dollars in the USA. Even if the scientist’s community manages to find a cure, it is more likely the pharma giants will conceal the findings from the general public. The reason being they stand to lose a vast amount of money. What if the cure has already been developed but not in the public domain?

You feel a bit under the weather, you approach physicians, and now it’s your physician’s discrepancy to prescribe a medicine or combination of drugs which is further influenced by the interests of so-called Pharma Giants. You might feel betrayed after knowing that, In the United States, a doctor’s treatment decisions are made based on money and not health. In contrast to your health, every pill that you take has side effects. The system that is supposed to heal us is hurting the basic theme of healthcare.

Acyclovir Side Effects
Acyclovir-induced Kidney-Injury is a well-documented side effect of this antiviral.

Acyclovir, Valacyclovir (Valtrex), Zovirax, Famciclovir are some of the prominent medications used in suppressing a diverse range of herpes. These medicines are indeed checking the symptoms down; they are excellent in suppressing the symptoms, but at what cost?

According to the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, a whopping, over 2 million severe cases of ADRs (Adverse Drug Reactions) are reported each year. Out of which, over 100,000 deaths occur every year in the United States, making it one of the 4th leading reasons for mortality across the country. It is also estimated that 1 out of 5 deaths per year is caused due to medication side effects. ADRs is a huge public health crisis, which of course, for the most part, is preventable.

Acyclovir-induced Kidney-Injury is a well-documented side effect of this antiviral. Acute kidney injury may reduce the functionality of your renal functions, which usually occurs within 24-48 hours after acyclovir administration. This injury impacts the way your kidney filters waste out of your body. This condition could be fatal to your life.

Acyclovir, when given orally, may trigger significant liver injury. According to NCBI, in some cases, clinically apparent liver injury has also been reported and the cause attributed to Acyclovir and Valacyclovir. The condition may further exacerbate to liver failure, a medical emergency, and life-threatening condition which needs urgent medical care.

One of the well-recognized adverse reactions of acyclovir is Encephalopathy, according to BMJ Journal. Some of the common presentations of acyclovir-induced Encephalopathy are tremors, disorientation, agitation, cerebellar ataxia (Lack of fine control of voluntary movements), hallucinations, seizures, and many other sufferings of your brain.

A severe allergic reaction induced by Acyclovir is another instance of it being harmful to your body. Due to the response, you may have to suffer difficulty in breathing, swelling of the throat, and tongue. 

Rapid hair fall is another major setback for those who are administering antivirals to counter herpes. If you are administering acyclovir or any related drug, you are more likely to lose your hair at some time in your life. As you discontinue herpes medications, the problem may go away with time.

These side effects are just a glimpse of what acyclovir can do to your body. The side effects of acyclovir are never-ending loops. It’s hard to elaborate on all the side effects of acyclovir, but here we have come up with a rough idea which will help you grasp the severe complications in your life if you are administering the drug. Abdominal pain, anemia, confusion, coma, fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite, skin swelling, and many more are the side effects.

Acyclovir doesn’t do any good to your body; in fact, it only suppresses the symptoms of either HSV 1 or HSV 2. The medicine doesn’t cure you at all; it neither boosts your immune system, which is compulsory to prevent and cure any disease, including herpes. What are you buying then? Ask the question to yourself.

Acyclovir resistance is another nightmare that an immunocompromised patient has to suffer. If we look at this article, the immunocompetent people are at higher risk of antiviral resistance, and they are not left with many options when it comes to getting over herpes symptoms. Therefore, frequent and severe reactivation of herpes strains are seen. The infection may lead to fatal consequences. Once you get resistant to these medications, no antiviral is going to save you from the agony that you may be destined anytime soon.

Who Falls into Category of Immunocompromised?

An Immunocompromised patient can be termed as those individuals whose immune system is not potent enough to fight infections as vigorously as a healthy individual does. The Immune system gets impaired due to a host of reasons such as chronic illnesses, drugs, or even malnutrition. Here are the groups of people who fall under the Immunocompromised category.

  • People with HIV and AIDS.
  • People with Cancer.
  • Diabetic Patients.
  • If you have had a Solid Organ (Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lungs, Pancreas, etc.) Transplantation.
  • Victims of Asthma, Tuberculosis, Sinusitis, Peptic Ulcer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.
  • People who are taking certain immunosuppressive drugs.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Patients.
  • Psoriasis Patients.
  • Graves’ Disease Patients.

Who Can’t Take Acyclovir

Though antivirals such as Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Zovirax, Famciclovir are harmful to every human being, we strongly urge below candidates not to practice any of the medicine mentioned above.

  1. Children Younger than two as it may cause severe reactions in your baby.
  2. Those patients who are immunocompromised should avoid taking this antiviral. Contradicting so may result in severe side effects and acyclovir resistance.
  3. If you are a patient with renal impairment, Acyclovir, and related antivirals is not a wise decision for you.
  4. Breastfeeding moms are advised, better to stay away from acyclovir, valacyclovir, and other drugs as part of these drugs may blend with breast-milk.
  5. Acyclovir has interactions with at least 28 drugs in moderate grade, and as much as 65 different drugs have mild interactions. If you are on medications with the following medicines, prefer not taking these antivirals. Amphotericin B Deoxycholate, Bacitracin, Cidofovir, Neomycin PO, Oral Probenecid, Talimogene Laherparepvec.

My Friend, I know you must be astounded by the facts we enlightened in this report. When scientific information justifies a revolutionary shift, people wonder why haven’t they heard it before? People think that why do they hear exactly different than what is right.

According to market research, the global pharmaceutical market was worth $934.8 billion in 2017, which is expected to reach $1170 billion in 2021. 2019 yielded an untold revenue for giants like Pfizer ($53.7 billion), Roche ($45.6 billion), Johnson & Johnson ($40.7 billion). As you will come to see the revenue model of a big, influential, and enormously wealthy industry, how could they be supposed to let you know the connection between nutrition and health? 

A vast amount of money is at stake if people like you in America and other parts of the world would come to know the consonance between nature, nutrition, and health. Consequently, the giants of pharma are doing everything in their power to neutralize the information of natural science because their financial health depends on governing what the public knows about nutrition and health. The industry goes even a step further and bribes scientists, government officials to cook so-called data that fits their financial interests.

Why does 1 in 4 people in The United States receive excessive and unwanted medical treatment? Yes, it is true, folks. According to a new poll conducted by Purple Strategies, published in Forbes, indicates that almost 25 million people across The United States underwent unwanted and excessive medical treatment. The patients reported having no improvement in the quality of life when they were receiving unwanted medical treatment.

Medical Bankruptcy is another cause of concern for the USA. Medical bills are the leading factor that contributes to bankruptcy (66.5%) in the USA. On average, 650,000 bankruptcies occur every year in view of medical issues and bills. Well, that’s a staggering number. Why would you want your hard-earned money to be in the banks of healthcare professionals, pharma giants?

What is Redress?

It’s okay to say no to the treatment that is not ready for you. It is okay to say no to the harmful and noxious drugs that are filling your body with toxicity. It’s okay to say no to the treatment, which may cost you bankruptcy. And it’s okay to say no to the procedure which causes adverse drug reactions.

The best resolution you can make is to invest in your health. When we say invest in your health, we are asking you to grasp the nutrition concepts, plant-based diet concepts, and the concepts of disease-free living.

Invest in vegetables, fruits, herbs, plant-based diets, which will ensure long-term health without an extra cost to your pocket
Invest in vegetables, fruits, herbs, plant-based diets, which will ensure long-term health without an extra cost to your pocket

We aim to help you understand the value of your health on a long-term basis. Invest in vegetables, fruits, herbs, plant-based diets, which will ensure long-term health without an extra cost to your pocket. Doing so will dramatically improve your health in the best way possible. Focus on long-term healing, not just suppressing the symptoms through unnatural means. Focus on aligning with nature.

Living is more than just staying alive. We don’t want you just to stay alive; we want you to attain your optimum health, rediscover real you, be happy, be stress & anxiety-free, take proper sleep, earn your respect back, free from stigma, get back your loved ones in your life and focus on your goals and achieve them.

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Click to Buy Now

Antivirals are just filling your kidney with toxic elements and are causing unpleasant reactions frequently. Continuous administration of antiviral drugs has made your immune system drug-addict. In order to counter that scenario, you need to re-educate your immune system. Western medical systems tend to interfere with the body’s defensive mechanism by inducing harmful, foreign unnatural synthetic drugs into the sufferer’s body.

When you take antiviral, one of the most sophisticated engineering of the body prevails over those drugs. Your kidney filters out the drug by recognizing it harmful for your body. That is the reason why you have to take antivirals every day, the drug goes through the liver, and the able body clears them out every time you take medicine.

You are interfering with what the body is trying to do; in fact, you are also creating a toxic load for your liver and body itself, making it even more challenging for your immune system to counter the notorious herpes virus.

Why not change the goal and focus on health, not preventative health medicine, but actual health: exercise, healthy nutrition, and lifestyle management. That would make even more sense. Let food be your medicine.

Do you want to cure herpes FOREVER? Only Serious ones…

If you are serious in or concerning your health, here are some legitimate questions that you need to play around.

Are you ready to make the decision of your life? Do you want detoxification of your body? Do you want to boost your system? Do you want long-term health? Are you ready to shift to a plant-based eating habit? Are you mentally prepared to make the requisite lifestyle modifications?

If you have managed to answer all the questions mentioned above with “Yes,” WELCOME aboard the mutual journey where you will be the driving force of our battle against HSV 1 and HSV 2 pandemic.

If the answer to any of these questions is no, sorry, my friend, you should leave this space as there is no further going for you. You’ll not benefit from our treatment program.

We can’t do it alone. We certainly can’t unless our endeavor doesn’t meet your will power. We need you to eradicate herpes out of your body forever.

Our treatment program depends on your lifestyle, what you eat, how you eat, and how you manage your stress level.

If you continue eating unhealthy, unnatural, and flesh of animals, “Aim Herp” is not going to make fortunes for you. If your lifestyle isn’t active, say goodbye to our treatment program. If you can’t give-up your existing eating habits, our well-researched scientific treatment program is of no worth to you because it all starts with you, with your intent on how you approach your long-term health.

Our Treatment Program Has a Four-Step Plan For You THAT HAS TO BE FOLLOWED AND IS NON-NEGOTIABLE

  1. Herbs Based Treatment (The Primary Product)
  2. Organic Diet (You Will Get an EBook for Free)
  3. Requisite Lifestyle Modifications (You Will Get an EBook for Free)
  4. Stress Management (You Will Get an EBook for Free)

Aim Herp has specifically been developed to meet all these four standards. 

Aim Herp incorporates scientifically approved 13 odd herbs, each with their strong, unique antiviral, anti-herpetic properties. Medicinal Plants, roots, tree barks, seeds, etc. are some of the most used elements in “Aim Herp.” These antivirals have been used in raw form to protect efficiency. We also kept processing of these herbs at bay, and no part of chemical formulation has been introduced in the development of this treatment program.

We have kept this program 100% organic to help your immune system lead the battle against herpes strain. As doctors, scientists, and patients are all turning their heads to nature for effective herpes cure. There is already a tremendous amount of evidence-based analysis showing that herbs can potentially outperform pharmaceuticals to manage chronic infections.

Below are the herbs which scientifically have shown promising results against HSV strain and are part of “Aim Herp”

Hypericum Mysorense

Hypericum Mysorense has shown potential cure of herpes virus as it has suppressed the replication of virus by 100%.

Herpes cure has led the world scholars to an unprecedented turn, the turn that may bother big pharmaceuticals. Nature is proving to be the only hope for herpes struck world with a plethora of natural herbs fitting the scene to herpes cure. Hypericum Mysorense (Grows in the hills of Nilgiri Mountains of India) is one such medicinal plant proved to be deadly against herpes strains. The compounds found in Hypericum Mysorense are true antivirals, according to scientific research.

One of the renowned physicians of India, Dr. Vijayan, put a total of 18 herbs on assessment screening to check the response against the herpes virus. Hypericum Mysorense was the only one out of those which has suppressed the herpes strain with 100% efficacy.

The research caught the eye of the US Library of Medicines and has been published in peer-review medical journals. The bioactive components of Hypericum mysorense’s leaf and bark have shown promising immune-boosting and virus eradicative potential against the herpes pandemic. Because this miraculous herb is so active against the herpes virus, Hypericum Mysorense is one of the focused active ingredients of our treatment program.

Mahamanjishthadi Kwath

Indian Madder (Manjishtha)
Indian Madder (Manjishtha)

Mahamanjishthadi Kwath is one of the strongest detoxifiers used in “Aim Herp.” The cleansing properties of Manjistha is what makes this treatment program a standalone blood and body detoxifier. It will help cleanse your liver, kidney and other parts of the organs including blood. The waste product of your body will be eliminated by this decoction. The toxic elements induced in your body through the use of toxic antivirals and external environmental factors stages the herpes outbreak and flare-ups. Mahamanjisthadi Kwath, however, initiates healing your guts and thoroughly cleanses your body from the inside out which is necessary for herpes healing.

If you happen to experience skin problems due to herpes virus, Mahamanjishthadi accelerates the wound healing process. It possesses anti-inflammatory attributes which can hinder the inflammatory responses induced by herpes strain. It helps in controlling itching and burning sensation. Mahamanjishthadi Kwath is a perfect blend of dozens of powerful natural herbs of which Manjishtha (Indian Madder) is the primary element. Apart of this super herb, Mahamanjishthadi Kwath has other elixir herbs such as Indian Gooseberry, Picrorhiza, Cutch Tree, Sandalwood, Red Plumbago, Embelia, Ginger, Neem, Turmeric, Sacred Garlic Pear, Indian Sarsaparilla, Transparent Woodrose, Tinospora Cordifolia and the likes of many others.

Ficus Religiosa or Peepal (Bark Extracts)

Ficus Religiosa
Ficus Religiosa or Peepal

Ficus Religiosa is an integral part of traditional medicines practiced in south-east Asia for various sexual disorders and chronic illnesses such as Asthma, Diabetes, Diarrhea, and epilepsy. When examined for its efficacy in HSV1 and HSV2, the water and chloroform bark extracts have demonstrated reliable antiviral attributes.

If anyone of you are resistant to acyclovir antiviral, Ficus Religiosa could prove to be an elixir for you as it may help you restore your immune potency and will give you an edge over herpes strains.

The water extract of Peepal has exhibited promising signs against the infection. It has inactivated the replication of DNA in the cells and inhibited the viral attachment and also limited the production of viral heirs. Because this herb can give a boost to those immunocompromised ones, we have embraced this divine herb as being part of our “Aim Herp” Treatment Program. The decoction of this herb can topically be used on the flared-up site.



We are also including topical options into our treatment program to give you 360 degree protection from this virus. Zinc is a mineral essential for your health and for that, we have included zinc rich foods in our diet management ebook. But we also have added topical zinc that you can apply on the cold sores and wounds. This very form of zinc is edible too. It will give a formidable boost to your herpes treatment regimen.

The irreversible impact of Zinc inhibits the replication of herpes virus and has demonstrated  potent therapeutic attributes in treating herpes infection. The topical application of zinc has tailed off viral load on herpes lesions. Therefore, significantly improves healing rates & relieves the symptoms. Long-term topical application of zinc, in many trials has greatly reduced & eliminated recurrencies of the outbreak.

Zinc can provide immediate protection against HSV 1 and 2 and will also help in boosting your immune system for long term protection.

Azadirachta Indica (Neem)

Neem or Azadirachta Indica

When we were into research days, a herb that grabbed our attention was Azadirachta Indica. Found only in Indian Subcontinents, the extracts of this herb have significantly inhibited the viral glycoprotein (a viral envelope that surrounds a virus as a form of protein and gives protection to the virus). The bark of neem plants has broadly been used since ages as a traditional medicine in tropical countries. HSV 1 is a causative agent of several ocular diseases that potentially could lead to corneal blindness, but what Neem can aid in your endeavor is worth focusing on. Azadirachta Indica, as an anti-HSV plant, can inhibit the virus growth within a week’s time of administration.

It also is rich in detoxification agents. Your kidney will have a great time absorbing the nutrients of this herb, which further will increase your kidney’s potential to filter out the body waste out of your system.

Neem Bark Extracts has indicated a tremendous antiviral response, hence blocking the entry of the virus in new cells resulting in inhibited growth of infection. Frequent flare-ups, blisters, and excruciating pain will no longer be the subject to your body. The Neem Bark Extracts has significantly impeded the herpes entry at concentrations ranging from 50 to 100 μg/ml. Azadirachta Indica has the potency to contain the herpes virus from reproducing and even makes those viruses dormant so that no flare-ups could bother you.

Licorice Roots (Mulethi)

Licorice Root

Licorice roots are an excellent anti-herpetic agent known to the world. Several studies that appeared in the best medical journals of the world admit the potency of glycyrrhizic acid (GA), a naturally occurring element in Licorice Root.

The flavonoid-rich fraction of the water extract of the licorice root has been found to have the highest grade of anti-HSV activity. Glycyrrhizic Acid (GA) can liquidate the cells which are nurturing the herpes virus associated with Kaposi sarcoma.

Kaposi Sarcoma is a disease below the surface of the skin generally discovered in those of the immunocompromised hosts. When Glycyrrhizic Acid (GA) was given to herpes hosts, the extract induced infected cells death by altering the level of protective proteins.

The use of licorice root has also demonstrated the attributes with the potential to disrupt the production of crucial proteins. This attribute, in turn, upset the balance between the virus and cells, eventually leading to the death of infected cells with herpes.

The discovery of such herbs has influenced a sense of hope in those waiting for an effective herpes cure.

Tinospora Cordifolia- Giloy

Giloy also termed as Tinospora Cordifolia in the scientific community has a long history of it being used as a curing agent to most of the chronic illnesses that are believed to be incurable in the western medical system. Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Syphilis, Upset Stomach are some of the sufferings that Giloy can put a magic touch on healing practices. Tinospora Cordifolia are rich in a wide range of secondary metabolites such as Alkaloids, Lactones, Steroids, Tannins, Saponins, etc. which have been found to have great medicinal importance. This miraculous herb can significantly boost your immune system to its greatest strength.

As Giloy being so powerful and potent, the herpes virus will no longer enjoy the hospitality of your body. The compound found in Tinospora Cordifolia will make chemical sting to bite off the virus hidden in nerve ganglia. The chemicals found in Giloy have antioxidant properties, and even some have the potential to kill the infected herpes cells of your body. It also inhibits the replication of infected cells. It also brings back the hormonal imbalance back on track, which has been caused due to prolonged use of antiviral medications.

Swertia Chirata (Chirayita)


Swertia Chirata is a prominent traditional herb in the Ayurvedic system of medicine and has been used to treat Diabetes, Liver Disorders, Malaria, etc. for many centuries. The medicinal use of Chirayita has been well documented in Indian Pharmaceutical codex, American Pharmacopeias, and the British.

When this potent herb was screened for effectiveness in herpes virus, the crude extract of Swertia Chirata at dilution of 1:64 inhibited the HSV 1 growth by more than 70%. Well, that’s a significant number which has grabbed our attention. We thought of giving it a more clever touch. We found a perfect ratio to which this herb should have to be blended that could provide this herb the best of its medicinal values against the herpes virus.

The extract of this herb plays a crucial role in managing herpes related pain. The analgesic property of Swertia Chirata will help you overcome the excruciating pain you might be suffering. It also inhibits the virus from replicating its genes in your cells. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent that will work for the betterment of your herpes suffering. Henceforth, we incorporated Swertia Chirata into our treatment program that may help alleviate the pains of your life.

Ocimum Basilicum- Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Holy Basil
Holy Basil

Holy Basil holds a sacred position in India’s tradition and that of Hindu. When to talk about its therapeutic properties, it has the divine potency to heal numerous ailments standalone. Several modern pieces of research have divulged Holy Basil to be a reliable antiviral agent against several pathogens responsible for chronic infections. It can treat some of the dreaded diseases ever onset on your body.

According to a study published in the African Journal of Biotechnology, The two extracts of Holy Basil, dichloromethane, and methanol, are active antiviral agents against Herpes Simplex Virus. The study also suggests the inhibitory attribute of Tulsi against herpes pathogens at some various stages of the herpes outbreak. Holy Basil is a great natural immune booster; hence, it clicks up your body’s defense to an extent.

A double-blind placebo-controlled experiment with 158 patients suggests that the whole plant extract of basil was 39 % more effective in the management of stress and anxiety. Tulsi prevented Stress-induced altercation and helped in managing the stress hormones significantly. Stress is one of the causes of herpes flare-ups.

Terminalia Chebula- Haritaki

Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula)
Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula)

Also termed as the “king of all medicines,” Terminalia Chebula is known for its extraordinary healing capabilities. In Ayurveda and other alternative medication branches, Haritaki is one of the most revered herbs ever, which can treat dozens of diseases as a standalone warrior. It works as an active agent to detoxify your body and eliminate the waste out of your system.

It is also known to promote healthy tissue cells and improves your overall health through detoxification of liver and kidney. Chebulagic Acid and Chebulinic Acid are the two constituents found in Haritaki that showed dose-dependent potent in vitro direct antiviral activity against HSV 2 strains. The same two extracts have also predominantly inhibited the attachment as well as penetration of HSV 2 in Vero cells. The study suggests that the Terminalia Chebula extracts have higher antiviral activity against HSV 2 when compared to Acyclovir. This study helped us identify the true potential of this herb, and eventually, Haritaki became part of our treatment program.

Vachellia Nilotica- Babul


Vachellia Nilotica is known by several names such as Babul, Gum Arabic Tree, Thorny Acacia, and several other titles. Like its names, it possesses multiple health benefits. From inner disbalance to outer rage, Babul has it all to assist you in your cloudy days.

Be it any kind of cutaneous issue, just a topical application of this herb can eradicate any suffering visible on our skin. If you are a victim of herpes lesions, this might be the solution you would want to help yourself out. Not only this herb has the potential to treat herpes strains, but HIV has also been in trouble facing the dominant elements of this herb.

Vachellia Nilotica is also beneficial in those with acyclovir-resistant actions. With that being said, you might be resistant to western medicine, but when you come to nature, it still has dozens of herbs ready to alleviate your suffering.

Several modern scientific studies have pointed out the health benefits of Babul in various diseases. It is also an analgesic agent that may help you soothe herpes’ nightmare. By all means, it arguably is the most potent herb we could have incorporated in our treatment program “Aim Herp.”



Triphala isn’t itself a herb but a combination of three herbs prominently used in the Indian System of Ayurveda. “Tri” decipher the meaning “three,” while the last 5 letters of the word denote “Fruit.” Triphala is a combination of herbs that are known to boost the immune system, detoxify the body, and a great aid to your digestive system. Triphala might be a new candidate to your ear, but you might be surprised to know that this medicine has been used for 1000s of years in the Ayurvedic system. It has successfully managed to cure even some of the chronic illnesses.

The herbs that have been used in Triphala are Emblica officinalis (Amla), Terminalia bellirica (Bibhitaki), and Terminalia Chebula (Haritaki). Triphala is an immunomodulatory agent that will encourage your immune system to fight off the devil inside your nerves. Though the herbs we mentioned earlier can do wonders as standalone for your body, when we mix it to the right proportion, a lethal blend of therapeutic attributes comes into formation.

Triphala has demonstrated reliable antiviral attributes against both herpes strains. Within a week of use and the agonies about herpes were gone. It has been shown an inhibitory effect on herpes and managed to kill strains and cells of your body, which were infected with herpes strain. It also will help you overcome anxiety and depression through some chemical reactions that will help balance the hormonal levels in your body.

We have scientifically blended the ingredients of Aim Herp in a perfect proportion to give you the optimum benefits of these herbs. All herbs as part of our treatment program are picked fresh from the native places of their existence.

Unlike herpes medication, any of the above herbs are safe to use in the longer run. We needed to use the herbs, which directly interfere with the replication of HSV and the herbs that support and boost the immunity of immunocompromised hosts. Most of these herbs have long-term immune building effects. If for some reason, your immune system is compromised, Aim Herp will help you fix and repair incorrect of your immune responses.

Our effort to find a natural cure for herpes has finally accomplished, and we are in a position to answer questions such as “How to cure herpes naturally forever?” We have finally developed a herpes cure for 2020 and beyond.

Turn “Aim Herp” to Your Advantage | Cure Your Herpes with These “Aim Herp” Merits

  1. Aim Herp Will Kill Virus Hidden in Your Nerves
  2. Kiss GoodBye to Recurrent Outbreaks
  3. Inhibits the Growth of Virus by 100%
  4. Clears the Side Effects of Antivirals & Drugs
  5. Detoxify Your Liver and Kidney, Eliminate Toxic Chemicals Out of Your Body
  6. It Will Give Formidable Boost to Your Immunity
  7. Aim Herp Will Work Even if You Are- Acyclovir Resistant or Immunocompromised
  8. It Nourishes Your Body with Essential Elements Required to Battle Herpes Infection.
  9. It is Best for Old-Aged As it Will Significantly Enhance The Quality of Life.

Aim Herp is developed to give you long term health benefits and not only suppressing the symptoms down each day. Aim Herp is 100% effective and, at the same time, safe that leads you to true natural healing.

As being a 100% natural treatment program, it is safe for everyone.

  • For People Who are Suffering Herpes Strain
  • It is safe for children of all age
  • For Breastfeeding Moms
  • Patients Suffering from Drug Reactions
  • For Immunocompromised People
  • Patients with Renal Impairment
  • Old Aged

“Aim Herp” is a 3 months treatment program divided into two sessions of 45 days. These 3 months, our treatment program will induce essential nutrients and natural antivirals required to successfully eliminate herpes virus forever. It will re-educate your body, organs and your immune system to adopt a plant-based diet. Introduce a variety of foods beneficial in herpes infection. The program will also help you with necessary lifestyle modifications to help you battle with herpes infection.

If you want to cure herpes, you have to adopt a diet that matters. Even if you get cured doesn’t mean shifting back to old-routine. You will have to be physically active and connected with nature.

That way, we guarantee you that you will never have to suffer herpes infection again.

The cost of this 45 days treatment program has been valued at $119, which is well under $3 per day.

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Our aim is to give you a powerful and effective treatment program but at the same time, it is our moral obligation to make this program accessible to even the poverty-stricken people. You don’t have to pay fortunes to access our treatment program, hence, we didn’t include transportation charges into the cost of the Aim Herp.

With this treatment program, you will get 3 of our best selling Ebooks (Diet Management for Herpes, Requisite Lifestyle Modifications for Herpes, and Stress Management) worth $85 for free.

  • Diet Management for Herpes

This Ebook has especially been scripted to guide you through essential changes to make in your diet. What foods you should eat and the foods that trigger an outbreak have comprehensively covered in this ebook. We’ll also tell you how healthy eating is unbelievably easy.

  • Requisite Lifestyle Modifications

Lifestyle plays a crucial part in maintaining a healthy body. This Ebook covers some of the essential lifestyle changes to be done, such as Exercises for Herpes, Reducing Physical Stress, etc.

  • Stress Management

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Hopelessness are all parts of a diseased mind. This EBook will help you get over those psychological incorrects through relaxation techniques and things to avoid that forms clouds of negativity in your mind.


Our treatment program is not going to work if you fail to adhere to our most important guidelines. These Guidelines are the soul to herpes cure. Also, you are humbly asked to strictly follow the prescription that you will receive with the product.

Following our prescription would require 10 minutes each day for three months. Missing the dose now and then, however, will hurt your intentions of getting cured. Therefore, we urge you to keep special note of that to enjoy great results out of it.

All the herbs are freshly picked by our team right after we receive your order; hence, we would need at least 15 days to ship your order at your designated place. We also encourage you to provide us the correct information such as your name, email address, mobile number, and address for a flawless and rapid delivery.


Aim Herp can’t do it alone. Your efforts matter a lot. Don’t waste your money and time if you can’t make efforts for yourself. If you just want to swallow pills, that’s your choice. If you can make efforts to improve your lifestyle, most importantly, if you are ready to shift to an organic diet, this treatment program can do wonders and can give you unprecedented results. You must buy this 100% natural cure for herpes program.

Most people prioritize their health over other things, but when it comes to making decisions, they fall short. I will take cognizance of my health in the future, I will go to the gym tomorrow, but all those promises go in vain. My friend, your life is running at this moment, make this moment best for yourself, your future automatically will be corrected.

Thank you for such a long 6000 word journey over here, and we hope our product will rectify your health to the extent of cure.