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  1. “AimHerp” Will Kill Virus Hidden in Your Nerves
  2. Kiss GoodBye to Recurrent Outbreaks
  3. Inhibits the Growth of Virus by 100%
  4. Clears the Side Effects of Antivirals & Drugs
  5. Detoxify Your Liver and Kidney, Eliminate Toxic Chemicals Out of Your Body
  6. It Will Give Formidable Boost to Your Immunity
  7. “AimHerp” Will Work Even if You Are- Acyclovir Resistant or Immunocompromised
  8. It Nourishes Your Body with Essential Elements Required to Battle Herpes Infection.
  9. It is Best for Old-Aged As it Will Significantly Enhance The Quality of Life.

AimHerp is developed to give you long term health benefits and not only suppressing the symptoms down each day. AimHerp is 100% effective and at the same time, safe that leads you to true natural healing.


AimHerp is an advanced, effective, natural, and scientifically verified treatment program that aims to correct physical illness and varied aspects of psychological negatives. The formulation of this treatment program successfully answers the most relevant questions that the scientists think would be essential for herpes eradication.

  1. Is “AimHerp” Formulated to Counter Herpes Virus?
  2. Is “AimHerp” Formulated to Boost Immunity?
  3. Is “AimHerp” Formulated to Detoxify the Body?
  4. Is “AimHerp” Anti-Side-Effects Formulation?
  5. Is  Stress Management the Part of “AimHerp”?
  6. Will “AimHerp” Guide You to Diet Management?
  7. Will “AimHerp” Guide You to Important Lifestyle Changes?

The list of apprehensions is a never-ending loop when it comes to “Herpes Cure.” Our years of research have managed to answer the questions mentioned earlier with a “BIG YES.”

AimHerp is made, keeping in mind all the aspects that might be the reason for herpes flare-ups. AimHerp consists of excellent herbs that have shown potent anti-herpetic elements beyond researchers’ expectations. Take the example of Hypericum Mysorense; scientists wouldn’t think that this Niligiri’s herb possesses features that kill herpes strain in abundance.


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5 reviews for AimHerp-30

  1. Kendra Hendricks

    August 2020 is the first time I purchased this treatment and today I tested negative. I am very happy to see this negative result.
    Everyone on the internet reiterates the same thing again and again “Herpes is not curable”. Prominent health journals claim that too and ask the general public not to incorporate any naturopathy. What they give the reason behind their assertion is just foolish. They say Natural treatment hasn’t verified and tested for its efficacy and safety.
    I want to ask prominent health journals that why naturopathy hasn’t tested what are you waiting for? You have all the resources to conduct your scientific research on those pills that just suppress conditions attached with severe contraindications. Why you don’t put effort into exploring the Herbs that have cured me today from Herpes? Even if you teste for some herbs you leave a window of doubt asserting that “more studies need to be done for a conclusive result.”

  2. Jaylon Wilson

    dealing with genital herpes since my school days and had tried almost all things available but, frankly speaking, except Valtrex nothing worked. But it was deteriorating me internally as my body had weakened. Then I decided to give this remedy a try. When I used this herbal remedy it worked even better than those antivirals that I used to take to suppress lesions. It is gradually reducing the viral load of the Herpes virus by Killing them.
    My only complaint Is When I order this next time please make it deliver as soon as poosible. Last time I received it after 9 days I ordered the Product.

  3. Tahira Nicholas

    Thank you, Aimherp
    got your order yesterday evening and today I’ve started this treatment. hoping it will help me

  4. Bradley

    Incredible results…my viral count goes down to 3.5

    • store

      Good to hear that

  5. Damian

    bought the whole kit for myself last month but, Triphala was there for only first fifteen days. It supposed to be for one month. however, I have restocked it.

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