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The Standard American Diet, which is also dubbed as SAD, is one of the key contributors to the public health crisis in America. Nutritionally deficient and calorie-dense foods are the first choice for me, you, and everyone in the country. Standard American Diet promotes chronic diseases and weakens immune function. Standard American Diet usually consists of concentrated sugar levels, refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, red meat, processed foods, fried foods, Processed meat, High-fat dairy products, and beverages. If you are a herpes host, the standard herpes diet may add fuel to your complications associated with herpes. Americans have hooked on fast food, and it’s beyond their comfort zone to think of a healthy food environment.

The point that we want you to heed is that you don’t have to be unnecessarily sick and you don’t have to be tied up with lifelong medications. Making even a small change to your lifestyle and eating habits can yield significant results if consistently carried out. Your body needs respect from you, and it requires a whole variety of nutritious foods daily. If you want the plant-based diet into your daily routine, you have to be organized; you have to believe in yourself. You have to allow yourself to develop a healthy relationship with what you eat.

Above health complications are preventable, and even if you are into the red zone already, a healthy relationship with your food will count a reversal end to every food-borne disease. Each of the illnesses above, including herpes, is reversible if you upgrade your eating habits to a more healthy scheme.

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  1. Anozie

    Thank you brylon for such an informative writeup. Bought ur book and enjoyed learning how nutrition could be the best bet to fade herpes infection.

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