Giloy Powder


  • A gift by Nature devoted to your health. 100% natural and side effect free product.
  • Benefits are backed by science and the FDA.
  • Contains valuable phytochemicals i.e. flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins, phenols, steroids, and proteins. 
  • It can help you conquer a range of Herpes variations i.e oral herpes, eye herpes, and genital herpes.
  • Researchers found strong anti-herpetic potential in Giloy. 
  • It will cheer your immune function and fulfill your antioxidant’s requirement. 
  • Adaptogenic constituents halt the progression of stress, anxiety, and depression. 
  • It cleanses your body’s toxins and generates a healthy body environment.
  • You can help yourself with chronic and intermittent fever with the goodness of Giloy.

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