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Shake the bottle, wake the healthy female reproductive system with uterine cleanse. Tone up your uterus and balance the hormone levels, ease menstrual flow & relieve discomfort. It treats a range of gynaecological distresses such as menorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea, uterine sluggishness etc.

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fast, affordable and FDA approved STD testing

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FDA Approved Tests

All of our tests are approved and cleared by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We follow all the federal and respective state governments testing guidelines.

100% Confidentiality

Your information is secured with us. You can be sure about your confidential STD testing and medical report. We are guided by HIPPA privacy laws.

Over 4500 Centers

We have over 4500 STD testing centers across The United States of America.

Competitive Pricing

Our test prices are lowest in industry and considerably lower than what you'd pay at hospital/clinic

100% natural

scientifically approved 13+ anti-herpetic & antiviral herbs.

cures herpes

it assists your immune system to identify and kill herpes virus.

no recurrence

not even a single outbreak could ever harass you

boosts immunity

it boosts and educates your immune system against herpes

whole body detox

detoxifies whole body including liver, kidney, lungs & digestive tract


it prevents stress-induced herpes outbreaks and regulates stress

therapeutic effects of Hypericum Mysorense

hypericum mysorense is the most revered plant that restores immunity and reverses the damages inflicted by herpes virus. it has dozens of bioactive compounds lupulon, hypericin, Cyclopentanetrione, deoxyartemisinin,a-hexaahydro, naphthalene etc. that contribute in successful treatment of herpes infection.

  • Cures Herpes

    Hypericum Mysorense contains hypericin that has potent virucidal activities against HSV. It suppresses the replication of HSV and kills the virus by 100%.

  • Protects Liver

    Polyphenols and flavonoids are the two phytochemicals found in hypericum mysorense that protects your liver from oxidative damage and heals your liver injury comprehensively.

  • Antidepressant

    It has nerve calming properties that regulates the chemicals in your brain responsible for affecting your emotions. It reduces stress hormone cortisol and aids improved sleep.

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Herpes Cure Care is a natural & holistic pharmacy. We offer our customers quality herbs, supplements, and health care products that support optimal health.

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people worldwide love how easy it is to treat the root of herpes and maintain optimal health with herpes cure care products & services
Great Product, loved it
Man, this thing is getting better and better ever since I started using Aimherp. It healed my genital lesions and eased urine-pain. Felt visible improvement in 15 days.
Riyain Taylor -
Definitely Recommend
Aimherp, at least, for me is godsend. I spent heavy money trying different products but Herpes Cure Care and their team helped me get personalized treatment.
Jerry Den -
It is best
It has fast healing mechanism. my viral load has decreased by 68% in 3 months of taking Aimherp. I don't feel pain and no outbreaks yet. Recommend to others.
Kareem Smit -

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About Our Products

How safe are your products?

Our products are formulated using herbs 100% safe for human consumption. We use natural herbs and process it naturally to retain its bioactivity and potency.


We don’t use chemicals or synthetics or additives or any harmful substance in the process of making our products. Hence, you can be sure about our product is 100% safe for you.

Are our products FDA approved?

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve dietary supplements or medical foods. Therefore, our products do not need to be approved by FDA.

What do we use in our products?

We pick biologically active, healthy & pure herbal plants from their native sphere and naturally formulate in different healthcare products.

Do we use fresh herbs?

Yes, we pick fresh herbs and ingredients to give our products highest potency against respective diseases and ailments.

Where and how can I store herbs?

You can store the herbs and supplements at room temperature with no exposure to direct or indirect sunlight and humidity. Protect herbs from the influence of external environment factors.

Dispatch & Delivery

When will my product be shipped?

We ship your product withing 48 hours of receiving the eligible and confirmed order excluding weekends and holidays. In some cases, it may take longer depending on availability of herbs.

How can I track my order?

You can click “Track Your Order” link available on top of this page to track your order. You will need “Order ID” (Found in your order confirmation email) and “Billing Email” (The email you used during checkout).

Is there any option for free delivery?

Yes, any order over $200 qualifies for free delivery.

Do you provide discreet shipping?

Yes, we always use discreet shipping to protect your privacy and personal business. We use plain boxes to pack and deliver your products.

Will the packaging be same as shown?

We use plain boxes and packaging items to protect your privacy and safeguarding the disease information. If in case you  want the same packaging, we also provide that,  but, such request might reveal your personal identity, well in that case, we will not be accountable for any divulge of your personal information.