Hypericum Mysorense

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  • An honored therapeutic plant from the Nilgiris and Himalayas.
  • The extract of Hypericum Mysorense suppressed the HSV Infection 100%.
  • Safe, Effective, and side effects free. No toxicity.
  • Contains a broad spectrum of antiviral and anti-herpetic values.
  • Suitable against both types of Herpes plagues.
  • The Herb directly interferes with the virus and impedes HSV proliferation.
  • An effective herb with the immune-boosting ability.
  • Traditionally used to diminish the inflammation.
  • An amazing adaptogenic for your brain function.

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Hypericin found in Hypericum Mysorense has clinically killed the herpes virus by 100%. Different parts of the plant such as the leaf extracts, roots, flowers were collected from the Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu. They were scrutinized for antiviral activity against GHSV and OHSV. Dr. Vijayan at the JSS School of Pharmacology tested these herb extracts against both strains of herpes simplex virus and found that the plant extracts have killed the herpes virus successfully. Click Here if you don’t know How to Use Hypericum Mysorense.

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Hypericum Mysorense has a plethora of health benefits other than curing herpes. We have scrutinized various health journals and manuscripts that indicate Hypericum Mysorense as a strong candidate for protecting your liver. You might have excessively consumed antivirals before shifting to natural means of Herpes treatment. During those days, the accumulation of toxins is very likely to happen in your body. 

The strong antioxidant action of Hypericum Mysorense can protect your healthy tissues and not let them be vulnerable to oxidative damage. The more you have antioxidants in your body the less your body faces oxidative stress. 

Since Hypericum Mysorense is abundant in Antioxidants your immune system loves to have it for your body. The immune system nourishes itself well in the presence of antioxidants. And of course, your immune system fights with every foreign intruder that tries to make you ill, even the herpes virus. 

You can purchase Hypericum Mysorense if you want to heal your herpes wound in a really short span. Some phytochemicals of Hypericum Mysorense are tested immensely beneficial against Cold sores and other wounds. 

A flavonoid namely Hyperoside is found in Hypericum Mysorense increasingly effective against different health problems. Whether you are searching for an antidiabetic herb or herb that protects you from different heart disorders or looking for a neuroprotective herb, Hypericum Mysorense suits all your problems. 

However, it is important to buy Hypericum Mysorense in its purest form to get all the aforementioned benefits. We ensure that when our customers purchase Hypericum Mysorense they always get best-in-class herbs at a reasonable price. We encourage you to step up for your health and go natural.

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6 reviews for Hypericum Mysorense

  1. Antwan Carter

    I have observed certain traces of benefits from this herb. I have seen clear differences in the healing time of COLD SORES after using this herb. It seems that My immune system has improved if I compare it to the back one. Most importantly I don’t have any problem sleeping. I think it is also an adaptogen that is helping me stay away from all kinds of stressors. Overall very good experience.

  2. Diontrice Reynolds

    After reading various health journals, I decided to purchase this herb from this site to CURE Herpes Infection. Honestly speaking guys I am blessed with this panacea herb. I mean I don’t have words to describe the potency Of Hypericum Mysorense. It helped me clinically purge from the Herpes virus. It dragged me to my second life.

  3. Sandra

    Hello It’s my second time I bought it from you but this time I did not receive any tracking information from your end. Please get me my order details. I Ordered it two days ago and my name on order is Sandra and my email would be becom******[email protected]

    • store

      Please be assured that we have sent you an email with a tracking no.

  4. Sandra

    Thank you this time a bit late but today i received my package.

  5. Douglas Garcia

    Responding positively to this treatment, it has healed my lesion speedily, and now there are no signs of outbreaks. If I would have not taken aimherp, there might be two or three outbreaks would have been occurred. I am heartfully thankful to you. You made my life easy to live.

  6. Lillie Hobbs

    After a long treatment I have negative test report of HSV in my hand. I literally went through numerous ups and downs throughout my journey but now all the happiness belongs to me.

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