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  1. “AimHerp” Will Kill Virus Hidden in Your Nerves
  2. Kiss GoodBye to Recurrent Outbreaks
  3. Inhibits the Growth of Virus by 100%
  4. Clears the Side Effects of Antivirals & Drugs
  5. Detoxify Your Liver and Kidney, Eliminate Toxic Chemicals Out of Your Body
  6. It Will Give Formidable Boost to Your Immunity
  7. “AimHerp” Will Work Even if You Are- Acyclovir Resistant or Immunocompromised
  8. It Nourishes Your Body with Essential Elements Required to Battle Herpes Infection.
  9. It is Best for Old-Aged As it Will Significantly Enhance The Quality of Life.

AimHerp is developed to give you long term health benefits and not only suppressing the symptoms down each day. AimHerp is 100% effective and at the same time, safe that leads you to true natural healing.



AimHerp is an advanced, effective, natural, and scientifically verified treatment program that aims to correct physical illness and varied aspects of psychological negatives. The formulation of this treatment program successfully answers the most relevant questions that the scientists think would be essential for herpes eradication.

  1. Is “AimHerp” Formulated to Counter Herpes Virus?
  2. Is “AimHerp” Formulated to Boost Immunity?
  3. Is “AimHerp” Formulated to Detoxify the Body?
  4. Is “AimHerp” Anti-Side-Effects Formulation?
  5. Is  Stress Management the Part of “AimHerp”?
  6. Will “AimHerp” Guide You to Diet Management?
  7. Will “AimHerp” Guide You to Important Lifestyle Changes?

The list of apprehensions is a never-ending loop when it comes to “Herpes Cure.” Our years of research have managed to answer the questions mentioned earlier with a “BIG YES.”

AimHerp is made, keeping in mind all the aspects that might be the reason for herpes flare-ups. AimHerp consists of excellent herbs that have shown potent anti-herpetic elements beyond researchers’ expectations. Take the example of Hypericum Mysorense; scientists wouldn’t think that this Niligiri’s herb possesses features that kill herpes strain in abundance.

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20 reviews for AimHerp-75

  1. Chardae Campbell

    Sometimes one decision of your life turns your life in a completely new direction where hopes get revived & you find a new meaning of life. That is what exactly happened to me when I decided to take a resort to AimHerp. I honored by this treatment program, the way it dealt with Herpes is more than a miracle.

  2. Abidu Kamara

    I like this product because it seems to actually contain powerful natural antivirals, I need it to fight a herpes infection and it works well.

  3. Chapman

    Chardae Campbell,
    How long have you taken this medication and did it cause any adverse reaction? I want to buy this remedy please reply me

  4. Chardae Campbell

    Hello Chapman,
    It feels good taking herbal supplements. I am still on herbal medication and its working. All body function seems improving. My viral count has reduced significantly. This is what all I have to say Chapman.

  5. N. Cohen

    Asked them ship my package discreetly so they did. I am takin all stuff as prescribed. I observed a little improvement in my energy after three days of use.

  6. Larry Bardouille

    can I get this treatment for my 66 years of Mom? Does this treatment work well?

    • store

      Yes Larry, you can get this for your mom,
      This treatment helps all age group of Herpes Patient except toddlers.

  7. Jennifer Stafford

    I scrutinized your product’s ingredients then placed my order yesterday. Good balance of herpes-killing herbs, immune boosters, adaptogens, detoxifiers, and analgesics.

  8. Preshanna Gibson

    I merely have used it for 2 months but I noticed a significant improvement in my health. I noticed a boost in my immune system, now I can digest food more easily, no signs of gastritis, a significant reduction in healing time. Two days back I tested for my Herpes and the test result confirmed a notable reduction in Viral count. It does Clinically work…

  9. Deman Benifer

    I have herpes lesions on my anus that cause intense pain during a bowel movement. I often have constipation that makes my condition even worse. Do your herbs correct bowel movements for sure?

    • store

      Don’t worry about constipation. We will include herbs that will work on correcting all your stomach complaints…

  10. A’darian Roberson

    Do I require to follow any specific instructions from your side? I have just got my package and require your instruction to get started.

    • store

      We have mailed you all the information you require to get your treatment started.

  11. Elaine Scafidi

    Hello brother, i have IBS syndrome for over three years and i am managing it somehow. I do have Herpes as well. I am concerned about the use of your treatment program with my IBS. Does your treatment cause me to deteriorate my IBS or I can follow your holistic healing with my existing condition?

  12. Evelyn Garcia

    suffering from herpes is the worst experience I experienced in my life. faced enormous discrimination and stigma. In my doomsday, aimherp has rescued me and helped me find the better meaning of my life.

  13. Aleshia biggers

    Hey Aimherp…I can’t see any instruction sheet within your package. you must have forgotten, can you please send a digital copy of how can i can start taking them

    • store

      Hello Aleshia,
      We don’t provide a hard copy of an instruction sheet. Once our customer receives their package we send them an email containing the instruction sheets. You might have got an Email for the same. Please do not forget to check for it in your spam box.

  14. Aleshia biggers

    Yes I did receive your message. Thank you

  15. Penelope

    Are there any alternative tablets instead of the powder? I’d like to continue the program but the powder is really bitter. Please help me out. Thanks

    • store

      We do have an alternative but it will be less effective and we do not want you to shift to alternative stuff.

      However, you still have concerns regarding its taste please contact us at [email protected]. We will suggest you an alternative.

  16. M. Kendrick

    After using your treatment I observed that it is a lot easier to get rid of Herpes Outbreaks with no side effects. I don’t know whether or not I am cured but your treatment has finally stopped my persistent cold sores flare ups.

  17. Waefreleah

    I’ve been repeatedly sending u emails about my concern that I don’t have a Paypal account. Are the emails contacts operational? Could u help me with other means of ordering the product?

  18. L. Armstrong

    What is the turnaround time for receiving (delivery) of the product when ordered to USA, Georgia?

    • store

      Thanks for contacting us,

      We have sent you the emails regarding your query. Hope you are satisfied.

  19. Stanley Furlan

    My 68 years old father has HSV 2 and is also immunocompromised. He has it for over 23 years but now the Herpes virus seems to affect him more seriously. He even takes acyclovir but it is not working. I think Herpes has developed resistance.
    I contacted you because I want a natural treatment for my father. Can you please help me with how do you do it?

    • store

      Please contact us at our WhatsApp number +1 (760) 281-2075.

      We need more information about the patient…

  20. Telliyah Boykins

    Your customer support over Whats app is outstanding. You reply so quickly…thank you for all your support.

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